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Adding a Connector

lockspring makes spreadsheets more powerful by adding connectors to them. A connector can do many things. The typical things a connector does is get data, do a calculation, or take an action (e.g. send an email).

Here is how you add a connector to a spreadsheet:

1. Open the Blockspring plugin

In Google Sheets, this is in the top toolbar under "Add-ons". In Excel, this is in the top toolbar under "Blockspring". Log-in to Blockspring if needed.

2. Click the "Add Block" button

There is a green "Add Block" button near the top-right of the Blockspring plugin. Click this.

3. Choose a connector to add

You can search or click a company to view their blocks. When you have found a connector to add, click on it and you will see a page with its title, description, a form for filling out its inputs, and an insert button.

4. Fill out the form inputs

On a connector's page, there is a form for the block's inputs. Fill out each input or have the input reference a cell in your spreadsheet.

When an input references a cell, the connector will use the data in your spreadsheet as an input. If the data in the referenced cell changes, then next time the connector runs it will use the new data.

Changing a referenced cell will not cause the connector to run again. The block will only run again if "run" is clicked, or if the block is scheduled to run automatically.

5. Click the "Insert" button

Click the green "Insert" button. The connector will run and the results will be added to your sheet.

The results will be inserted in the currently selected cell.