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Integrations.js Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between integrations.js and

Both are products from Blockspring.

Integrations.js is an opensource javascript library for integrating with multiple SaaS applications. is a hosted service for integrations.js users that handles user authentication to the selected integrations.

Will Integrations.js slow down my website?

No. Integrations.js loads all javascript asynchronously after your page HTML fully renders.

Is my user's data being shared when setting context?

No. All user data stays between their browser and the services that our integrations connect to. For example, if a user uses the Google Sheets export integration, their data will pass directly from their browser to Google's servers. It's never sent to

Note: When users authenticate with third party services, their access tokens are temporarily in memory on servers. They are saved to the user's session cookie and never stored permanently in any log or database. The session cookie is cleared as soon as integrations.js fetches the token.