Blockspring Help

Welcome to the Blockspring support site. You'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with Blockspring as quickly as possible, as well as support if you get stuck. Let's jump right in!

Get Started    


Blockspring Scripts makes it easy to build add-ons for your favorite apps.

Using the onsite Python scripts editor, you can build:

Let's go through a few tutorials to give you a feel for how to build add-ons using scripts.

Install Blockspring Scripts

Follow these installation instructions to install Blockspring Scripts for Chrome.

Write Your First Script

Once you have the editor open, you can write your first script. Each script is made up of Python 3 functions. You can print() data, and also return it.

Let's write the following from the editor:

import trello_app

def board_name():
		board = trello_app.get_current_board()

To see this script run, do the following:
1) Click Save Script or Command + S.
2) Choose board_name in the function dropdown.
3) Click Run to run the function.
4) Check out the results in the logs below. Not too bad!

I'm Ready to Rock... Show Me Examples

A quick way to learn some advanced features is with templates. Learn how to import templates here.

Tutorial: App Buttons

This first tutorial teaches how run scripts using App Buttons.

Tutorial: Add a Sidebar

The second tutorial shows how to add UI elements, like a sidebar, to apps.

Tutorial: Workflows, Get Data, Set Data

Follow this tutorial to learn how to set up workflows. We'll learn to use event triggers and get/set data from objects (eg like cards and boards)

Tutorial: Sync Data with Other Apps

This tutorial teaches you to integrate with a 3rd party app using connectors. You'll see how Scripts handles OAuth for you with a practical example of syncing Trello and Google Sheets.

Tutorial: Custom Reports and Modules

This tutorial shows how to generate a custom report, and import Python modules for more advanced functionality.

Tutorial: Alerts

This last tutorial shows how to send alerts when events happen in your app.

Need Help?

If you run into any issues, or what to chat with others, connect to the Blockspring community right from the Scripts editor.