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Editing API connections

You can edit your connection to an API at anytime.

You can see a list of all APIs you have signed up for on these two pages:
APIs that use OAuth
APIs that use secrets

If you are part of an organization, and also have access to view your organization's connections, you can see the connections on these two pages:
Organization APIs that use OAuth
Organization APIs that use secrets

Connection methods

There are two ways Blockspring connects to an API: OAuth and secrets.


For APIs that use OAuth, you typically log into the company's website, then "authorize" Blockspring to connect to your account for that company. An example of an API that uses OAuth is Twitter.

To edit API connections that use OAuth, go here to see your connected OAuth APIs, then click the red "delete" button, then go to a block that uses the API and click the green "connect" button.


For APIs that use secrets, after you create an account on the company's website, they will give you a long string of letters that looks like a password. This is referred to as a "secret". Then on Blockspring you can connect to that API by entering your secret. An example of an API that uses secrets is FullContact.

To edit API connections that use secrets, go here to see your connected APIs. Nexst, click the white "Edit" button next to the API you want to edit. Paste in your secret. This can typically be found on the company's website.